Rameswaram is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre and an integral part of the Ramayana legend. It was from here that Lord Rama and his army are said to have crossed over to Sri Lanka on a fascinating 29 – km chain of shoals, called Adam’s Bridge or Rama’s Bridge. Rameswaram occupies an interesting geographical location – in the Gulf of Mannar that separates Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka.

The main temple in Rameswaram – the Ramananthaswamy Temple – is a grand edifice. The ocean here is alluringly gentle, stretching away into the horizon as if it were a particularly large lake. It is the salt in the air and the fishing boats that remind you that this is a lovely village by the sea.

Few tourists venture to this tip of India’s coastline though pilgrims abound here. Besides spirituality, the blue sea, the delightful scenery and the drive to Dhanushkodi are other reasons to head out this far.

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