A wonderful tourism place well known for its beautiful vegetation and quietude, Masinagudi located in the Nilgiri District and is a very beautiful hill station and sanctuary. It is incredibly famous among tourists for its sanctuary, species, and natural beauty. It is one of the most Wildlife Sanctuaries places in South India as proportion to other wildlife sanctuaries in the state. Masinagudi travel guide is incomplete without a mention of the rich bio-diversity in the region. It is famous for its intensive forested lands, succulent green vegetation and unique wildlife. There are residing so many kinds of wild animals include Tigers, Wild Elephants, Grey Langurs, Flying Lizard, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Ungulates, Pythons, Reptiles, Spectacled Cobra, Red Giant Flying Squirrel etc.

Masinagudi has a high diversification of animal life in the sanctuary with 55 species of mammal, 50 species of fishes, 227 species of birds, and 21 species of amphibian’s and34 species of reptiles. There are 15 species of Cat in India and 4 species of Cat are live in Masinagudi that is Indian Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Leopard Cat and Jungle Cat.

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